Samurai Karate Germany

The joint training of Shukokai Karate and the preservation of the traditions of this martial art are the tasks of the association. Founded to connect different clubs and schools, Samurai Karate Germany today stands for “togetherness” in karate. Together, various projects such as courses and tournaments are realised and the tradition of Shukokai Karate is preserved.

Shukokai Karate: A Way for All

Shukokai Karate is derived from the Shito Ryu style and means something like “way for all” or “union of those training together”. Like all Shito Ryu forms, this martial art takes into account the individual body shape of the trainee and is characterised by a very high striking power. Around the world, people train this form of self-defence to train their own body, to stay healthy and to promote mental strength.

Chojiro Tani and Shigeru Kimura
Chojiro Tani (founder of Shukokai Karate) with Shigeru Kimura

„Shukokai Karate is not so much sport. It is more like a Martial Art. Martial Art means trying to beat yourself before you beat the other guy.”

Shigeru Kimura, 1993

What karate does for you

The martial art will

  • Enhance your physical and mental flexibility
  • Teach you to use your natural weapons effectively
  • Protect you and give you confidence
  • Put your mind and body in an alert state

The path to black belt is certainly no walk in the park, but it is a goal that can be achieved within a few years with regular training.

You can find qualified instructors for your training in our training centres or contact us directly.

Dates & Events

  • 20.04.2024 Samurai Karate Germany Championships
  • 23.-26.05.2024 Course with Kancho Paul Mitchell
  • 06.07.2024 Brown Belt Gradings
  • 18.08-24.08.2024 Samurai Karate Camp
  • 10.10.-13.10.2024 Course with Kancho Paul Mitchell
  • 11.11.-16.11.2024 International Instructors Gasshuku in Bangkok
  • 07.12.2024 Brown Belt Gradings