Chojiro Tani

Soke Chojiro Tani (* 25 January 1921; † 11 January 1998) is the founder of “Tani-Ha Shito-Ryu”, which he himself named Shukokai, meaning “way for all” or “union of those training together”.

Chojiro Tani
Soke Chojiro Tani (1921 – 1998)

Chojiro Tani was born on 25 January 1921 in Kobe, Japan. He initially trained under Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-Ryu, and completed this training with the 2nd Dan. In 1939 he began karate training under the style founder of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni, who is still considered one of the greatest karate masters today. Tani received permission from him to use his own name for his form of karate: Tani-Ha Shito-Ryu. In 1949 he then founded his first school, which he called ‘Shukokai’. His most famous students are Shigeru Kimura (Shukokai), Shigemasa Kawata (Seikukai), Yamada (Gishinkan), Nanbu (Nanbu-Do), Suzuki and Tomiyama (Kofukan). Soke Tani was a very respected man in Japan and in Shito-Ryu until his death in 1998. Today, Shito-Ryu is divided into the style houses Mabuni-Shito-Ryu, Motobu-ha Shito-Ryu (Seishinkai), Tani-ha Shito-Ryu (Shukokai) and Hayashi-ha Shito-Ryu.

Chojiro Tani presenting karate techniques
Tani-Ha Shito-Ryu, called Shukokai