Tournament karate

In addition to regular training, competitions are an excellent opportunity, especially for children and young people, to test what they have learned. Especially the tension before and during the competitions gives the participants the opportunity to stay focused and attentive even in phases of particular tension. The participants learn to deal with success and failure and are thus prepared for future challenges.

Is karate Olympic?

Karate made its debut at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Both kata (forms) and kumite (fighting) were included as disciplines. Karate is not currently planned for further Olympics.

Are there regular tournaments?

In addition to participating in national and international tournaments, Karate-Ka can take part in the Samurai Karate Championships every year.

Is karate dangerous?

As with any martial art, there is a certain risk of injury in karate. However, the risk of injury depends heavily on the training method, supervision by qualified instructors and compliance with safety measures. Protective equipment is used in competition to minimize the risk of injury.